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The old saying of, "What goes around comes around " surely holds true to the way we feed ourselves and our woo woos. There is so much information out there about the foods we eat, what is good, what is bad, what will keep us healthy, and what will make us very sick and cause degenerative diseases. I feel that the change has come about, because we are all yearning for the Good Ol' Days. Unfortunately we cannot turn back and undo the bad, we can just try to somehow  improve the future.

How and why I traveled this journey is not a long story. Just a little reading and research had brought me to the conclusion that we are killing ourselves with over processed foods and are doing the same things to our pets. So after reading many factual reports about what goes into our pets food, I decided that they were either going to become vegetarians or were going to eat a healthy diet meant for Canines. May I say here that I am die hard BARFer (that is what you call a person that feeds this diet to their woo woos)  :0)  but I do believe that everyone needs to feel comfortable with what they feed. I personally do not care what you feed your dog, but I do care how my dogs are fed, and those that leave here. Anything is better then the poison in the bag. WE LOVE OUR PETS SO MUCH ,THAT WE ARE KILLING THEM NOT JUST WITH KINDNESS, BUT WITH WHAT WE FEED THEM. 

What I am trying to accomplish with this page is not to make you feel that you MUST feed your pet this way, but that you owe it to yourself and your pet to educated yourself ,and then make decisions based on the knowledge you have acquired. To not research about the food that we or our pets consume, and not make changes after we have acquired that knowledge, makes us 'INTELLECTUALLY  DISHONEST.'

Now travel with me on my RAW FOOD journey that started at Mimmenuk in May of 1999. I had 22 dogs here at the time varying in age. I changed the diet cold turkey and threw out the rest of the kibble. Within one week I saw quite a noticeable improvement in all my dogs but especially the older dogs...they were more energetic had clearer eyes and cleaner teeth. My friends all thought I was crazy, but that was OK they were not the ones having to prepare meals. It was a trial and error mission and proved successful once I had a good varied supply of food.

I won't bore you here with a feeding schedule since we all have different ones but I will make a list of foods that I feed: Chicken carcass, turkey/chicken wings, necks and backs. Offal (a mixture of organ meats), pork backbones, hearts and tongues. Beef heart and knuckle bones...lots of fish such as Mackerel and Herring. Also a whole variety of veggies and fruit. Supplementation is done according to each dogs requirement and should be done cautiously...too much is harmful. One thing I do supplement with daily is Seal Oil or one can use Salmon or Flaxseed.

There is so much information out there about feeding this way that I'm attaching RAW FOOD related links for you to read at your own leisure. Every Mimmenuk puppy is raised on this diet and it is my hope that the new owners will continue to feed wholesome fresh raw foods to lead their new soul mate onto a road to a good quality life.

Here are the changes that I have seen: Stronger immune systems, abundance of energy, soft coats, clear eyes, white clean teeth and most of all they have not required any vet care. Yes they see the Doc once a year, but that is only for a check-up. That leads me to another topic...'YEARLY VACCINATIONS' are they necessary? That I will leave for another page in the near future.

So here are some good links for RAWFOOD:

Sea Mammal oil (seal oil) is only available to Canadians. It can be ordered directly from 'Canine Health and Maintenance' in St. John's NF. The product is called ARTIC VIGOR. You can call 709.427.2363 or write to Ches King arcticvigor@hotmail.com. Ches will be more than happy to acommondate your order.

www.barfworld.com  Barfworld is a site created by Dr, Ian Billinghurst, For those that feel that making their own food is too much work, or they feel that they do not know what they are doing, prepared frozen foods can be ordered Worldwide on this site. There is going to be a distributor near you that will help you keep your pet on the road to a healthy life. Also this site will answer many questions you might have,

www.urbancarnivore.com  This is the site of the founder Brenda Hagel of RAWdogcanada, a great list for those that are, or contemplating feeding raw and they can ask lots of questions. Check it out it is full of good stuff. Brenda has been feeding this way for eons.

www.lepus.reach.net  Roberta Jamieson, also a long time RAW FEEDER has a great site. Look at her Natural Rearing page and her directory of Natural Rearing and Supply list.

http://www.biswebdesign.com/ellietannuflyer/barfmenu.htm Really good site with lots of pictures showing how the food is prepared. Of course the peanut butter sandwich is questionable, but heck once in a while it won't hurt. Gives you an idea of the overall menu planning although we RAW FEEDERS all seem to find our own niche.

www.barfdiet.com Lots of good info on this site.

http://www.geocities.com/rnienhui101/barfingmals.html Good reading.


     "RAW FOOD"      

    Your dog will love you for it!!!!


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